Emerging cannabis inserts rattle the menstrual revolution

Like many other nonprofit organizations, we aim to eradicate menstrual inequity on a global scale, but further than that---our aim is to acutely reform the traditional systems that have come to define the menstrual revolution, which can be accomplished by innovations such as the one proposed by Floria. In North Dakota specifically, there is an emerging solution that aspires to alleviate the debilitating nature of menstrual cramps through the implementation of cannabis (both THC and CBD) into padlike inserts. Conclusively, the legislation surrounding marijuana legalization in North Dakota failed to pass, but the distribution of these infused inserts has been extremely successful in other states like Colorado and California. Larger than the failure of the bill and consequently, the materialization of a new market for these suppositories is the fact that the view of menstrual health still is viewed by many in the general public as a luxury rather than a necessity. The issue of menstrual health isn’t just seen as a non-issue to many people, it is also often seen as a flimsy justification to circumvent daily responsibilities. The reality of the situation is this: menstrual health cannot be overlooked any longer nor should it be regarded as a luxury as it is anything but.

In any context, the controversy of marijuana is pressing but nowhere is it more pressing than the realm of healthcare. Whether one vigorously support or oppose the use of marijuana, the present concern is the relief of all menstruating people, as their cycle explicitly impacts their quality of life, which is not a luxury but an institutional right. These innovations are paving the approach to combating menstrual calamities in a more organic manner, responding to calls for less hormone altering remedies. Much progressive work has been accomplished in the field of menstrual inequity, the actuality of the revolution is that it is still rapidly progressing. Though it may seem daunting as the use of both medicinal and recreational marijuana are not universally palatable, the efforts Operation Period intend to restructure the preset response system to menstrual inequity rather than solely work within the confines of it.

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Alona Arneson