A passport to the future.


Operation Period provides education to people in the U.S. and India in three different ways:

  • Online, through blog posts, videos, and interviews

  • Written, with our menstrual health booklet, pamphlets and other materials

  • In the classroom and in person, at schools during sex education week and at panels, conferences, and seminars

For our national education distribution, our headquarters services local schools near or in Eugene, OR, while our chapters cover their local areas in the U.S.

For our international education distribution, our headquarters has drafted a menstrual health booklet for over thirty orphanages and schools throughout India.

Operation Period is also in the process of creating lesson plans for staff members to present to Indian schoolchildren over Skype on a quarterly basis.

In the future, the organization plans to increase the demographics of the people we engage with, as well as the countries we provide education and awareness too.


Break the Bloody Taboo panel for Menstrual Hygiene Day 2017